Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Photos

Olivia was looking at a photo album with a nostalgic awe filled twinkle in her eyes.

Olivia: i wish I was a baby again. Babies are so lucky. They get fed and held and rocked. I wouldn't even mind wearing a diaper.

Me: why would you want to be a baby? you are in first grade...a big girl. thats waaaay better than being a baby.

Olivia: first grade isn't very fun. Its really hard we have to do work all day and only get a little bit of recess.

Me: what do you mean first grade isn't fun? i would love to be six again.

Olivia: (pointing to a picture of her as a baby...her dark hair pulled into two mini ponytails standing straight out of her head crawling across the floor toward Layla. she was about seven months at the time).
"Look at me in this picture...look how happy I was. Do I look this happy now? "

Me: (pulling out a basket of pictures from my college days. it is a picture of me and a couple friends at a bar clinking together shot glasses).
"look at me in this picture look how happy I was. I was in college...i wish I could go back to those days but I cant"

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