Thursday, June 23, 2011

learn something new every day

the problem with living in the everyday is that you become stuck in the every day. you forget to take a step back from yourself and your inner child. ok..that sounds very vague and philosophical, blah blah words. But really..after days and days of work,home,kids,food,bed you start to get a little bit bored with life. i know i have recently. Once I get started in a rut Ido not embrace change at in I can't even alter my route to work with out having a major panic well as flood myself with doubt and negative talk.."well you will be late again if you try a new way". so i become so afraid to fail that i don't bother to start...i sound like Eeyore(think back=Winnie the pooh).."whats the use". So how do i turn myself from a Eeyore or even a piglet to a pooh or tiger? simple..try something new and exciting. so this may be the most round about way to say this..but i am going to attempt to learn a musical instrument. i picked up Layla's kid guitar today..googled "how to play guitar" and now my creased..sore fingers can strum a mean G major. So on my quest to find out what is missing I have to learn first and foremost to not be afraid to fail. what the hell...i am the first person to have a good gut myself.

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