Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God is watching you

The girls decided to sleep in Olivia's room last night. "Olivia's TV shows the words" Layla announced..as if that was justification for sleeping two in a twin bed. While watching TV, I could hear a good hour of giggling and talking coming from Olivia's room. As I was about to give them the speech about going to bed or else they will be separated, a speech borrowed wholly from my childhood, Olivia comes running out. "the TV turned off" she exclaimed while still in her usual running motion. "Well..I guess God had a plan for you. " I said. I think he doesn't want you to watch any more TV and just go to bed. Speechless, Olivia ran back into her room to report to Layla. I hear chatter then oddly silence. Satisified with my little story, I go back to watching reruns of Its Always Sunny.

A couple hours later, I was ready for bed and peeked in Olivia's room. "THats strange" I thought. The girls are gone. Of course, they were nestled in Layla's room, fast asleep, with "Tangled" playing.

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